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Anonymous people call us doing character assessments on the customers below who defrauded Pool Diagnostics.


They simply entered their names and addresses into a search engine and this page came up. Search some of the names and addresses of the fraudsters below


Fraud assessments are common as fraud committed by consumers against businesses ranks the third most reported crime.


The following pool repair customers have currently not paid for their successful swimming pool repairs. Most are blatant attempts to defraud Pool Diagnostics.


Unfortunately since one the reports below was picked up by social media, the brisk business we did with a particular cultural community, that the Peer family below belong to, has completely ceased.


Please note we don't use one bad experience with one family to base our views on an entire community. Members of this community are still welcome to use our services, which we value.  


Consumers use Hello Peter to protect themselves, Pool Diagnostics uses this webpage plus credit blacklisting to protect ourselves. Because as elderly pensioners we still have to supplement our incomes by working. So fraud or non-payment hurts us.


Current Payment Defaulters and Fraudsters

By entering the details of the defaulter name and address below into a search engine, anyone can now see a link on major search engines pointing to this page.  

They will be removed from this webpage once they have paid for their repairs, as have all others owing monies to Pool Diagnostics.

Many thanks to all those who have helped us by placing links on social media to this page exposing the offenders below.


Defraud attempt by Murray Van Zyl, owner 10 Tieroog St Jukskei Park Johannesburg.

Murray who has a tree felling business, called us about his leaking swimming pool.

Social media has already picked up Murray's defraud attempt. 

Laurence (Lorry) Stafford who resides at 20 Tieroog St Jukskei Park (exactly the same street as Murray) belongs to the same Watts App area security group that Murray belongs to, has already picked up Murray's criminal defraud attempt.

Murray claimed we had done work before for him about two years previous. Therefore we neglected to enforce our 50% deposit or pre-check Murray’s credit background as per our website terms and conditions.

This trust turned out to be our mistake as explained below.

On arrival we immediately knew we shouldn’t have continued with his leak repair, as we didn’t know Murray or his home from a bar of soap. We don’t forget our customers in two years. But like old fools – we put our trust in him. 

The leak repair turned out to be a minor backwash handle gasket leak causing water to leak down his backwash pipe. We charged him R850.00 less than our R2200.00 initial quote. It’s hard to find companies these days who charge less than they quote.

We installed the replacement handle assembly and gasket to cure Murray’s leak.

When Murray disappeared into thin air before we had completed the repairs, without saying a word, leaving us with his maid (our payment terms are payment before we leave your property) we feared the worst. However we completed the repairs and started praying.

Two weeks later after no payment had arrived, we called him. He claimed his wife thinks the pool is still leaking. So why didn’t he call us? Why was his pool leak now no longer urgent?

All attempts to make a repeat appointment to investigate further leaks, with a 50% deposit still to be paid to cover our parts and labour invested in Murray’s pool, were ignored.

Our pool leak tests called the "pool bucket leak test" to find the so called leaks. Google "pool bucket test" to see how it works. 

When a bucket test fails, and we cant find further leaks underground or under water, we then drain down the pool and watch where the pool surface stays wet (due to saturated subsurface area behind leak). We test the wet spot for leaks using a method we would rather not share here with competitors, which our customers find ingenious.

Two months later we gave up trying to make a repeat appointment to drain Murray's pool or recover monies owing, and placed this attempted fraud report. It will be deleted once Murray pays for his leak repairs.

Life is about forgiveness. However Murray, and his tree felling business that feeds his children, can’t afford having this report floating around social media. However he needs to be forgiven for his temptations and resultant transgressions.

We have not credit black listed Murray due to reputational damage caused by this report. Plus he already has a listing history according to another customer who works for Edgers.

However please take caution when dealing with him to avoid a similar fate we suffered.


Fraudster Michael (MIke) Davies a "home improvement contractor" and current owner of swimming pool and property 18 Paperbark Rd, Fourways Gardens Phase 1.


Mike's defraud plan is the most common one, which exploits our "no find no pay offer". At least three "no find no pay" fraud attempts are going on at any one time, all owing monies - knowing fully well their pools are now leak free.

The next most common fraud attempt is trying to get us repair new pool leaks up to a year later claiming we initially failed to find all the leaks. 

Mike owes R1500.00 since for successful pool pipe leak repairs underground using tracer gas.

Surprisingly after our goodwill gesture of repairing his pool light for free as well, PLUS charging him R700.00 LESS than we quoted him, due to his leak repairs taking very little time to sort out, he still defrauded us.

His excuse was that the pool was still leaking and must need total renovation.

However we were never allowed to access Mike or his pool again to check our pool leak tests called the "pool bucket leak test" to find the so called leaks. Google "pool bucket test" to see how it works. 

When a bucket test fails, and we cant find further leaks underground or under water, we then drain down the pool and watch where the pool surface stays wet (due to saturated subsurface area behind leak). We test the wet spot for leaks using a method we would rather not share here with competitors, which our customers find ingenious. 

We weren't able to do this or even recommend a competent renovator to Mike as well.

Although everyone must be forgiven for giving in to temptation, please be aware this dishonest home improvement/painting contractor operates in Fourways Gardens and other northern suburbs areas.

Mr Davies is scheduled for black listing, which we will add to the many he already has. 


Defraud attempt by customer who also used extortion to forced us to remove his full identity, as detailed below. We have are now obliged to call him Mr. Q, the first letter of his name.

Mr Q works in the commodities department at one of the two banks with names ending with TEC. We were forced to withhold his identity and where he works, as he wrote a fraudulent Hello Peter complaint, which he removed using extortion in exchange for anonymity.  The ruthless, unprincipled and calculated affluent fraudsters in high positions we encounter in the Mr. Q mold, for example the attorney in the name and shame listed below this one, cost us old pensioners at Pool Diagnostics dearly. Hopefully fraudsters will think twice before trying to duplicate Mr Q’s very common fraud attempt below. That is to attempt to exploit our “no find no pay” pool leak guarantee and money back guarantee, which we regularly experience at Pool Diagnostics.

The pool industry nickname for the little old grey haired bald pensioners at Pool Diagnostics is the Santa Claus brigade. This is due to the gift of huge savings we make for our customers for a small fee. However not all customers appreciate this as you'll see below.

Mr. Q called us 5 months after we had repaired his leak, claiming his pool was "still" leaking. "Still" leaking months after our repairs were completed always means a new leak has manifested. Opportunist customers then proceed to attempt to defraud Pool Diagnostics into repairing the new leak for free, as in Mr. Q's case - or else.

We don’t hold our customers strictly to 3 months guarantee if our repairs fail within 1 year. If customers are honest about new leaks manifesting soon after our initial repairs, we repair them for free in return for being honest. If customers claim, as in Mr. Q's case, that their pool is "still" leaking months after their guarantee has expired, and claim Pool Diagnostics did not originally detect all their leaks, we offer a FREE leak detection consultation to determine if our original repairs are sound, and whether new leaks have manifested. If a new leak has manifested months later out of guarantee, in total less than 1 year, we charge half price. 

In Mr. Q's case we recommended an independent company first check if our weir leak repair was still sound. Mr. Q claimed this independent pool company said Pool Diagnostics failed to notice an incorrectly fitted weir (we could immediately see where the incorrectly fitted weir claim was going as we had originally repaired the leak there) plus other major structural faults, which were all potential leaks. We decided to verify these claims FREE of charge using Gus O'Connor's 45 years of experience. Gus hadn't been able to pay his rent at that point due to payment defaulters attempting to exploit our no find no pay guarantee. 

Pensioner Gus found no structural problems, and the weir placement was fine. Our original weir leak repair was sound as well. Mr Q’s water feature however could now do with a simple and cheap regrout as it could start leaking soon, and may have started leaking already. The common water feature leak fix in the pool industry is a total and unnecessary very expensive water feature rebuild. A simple regrout is all that’s needed - hence our Santa nickname.

Pipe pressure testing underground of Mr. Q's pipework using tracer gas did however reveal a NEW MAJOR leak underground under the wooden deck in the form of a broken suction pipe which leaked only when the pump was off - very common. The metal probe water leak detection tool we slowly push though the soil under the deck where tracer gas exited, was saturated with water. We noticed this pipe break was causing the pump to malfunction as well.

We marked the spot to dig and advised Mr. Q we would NOT repair it for free due to his dishonesty, and to rather call another pool company to repair it. In return for helping Mr. Q locate his new leak for FREE, Mr. Q sent us some derogatory worded hate emails.

His fraud plot was foiled - or so we thought. This highly intelligent educated fraudster, and therefore calculating, thinks out of the box.

We received a call from a pool company a few days later claiming there was no leak where we had pinpointed, and the pump was working fine. Obviously Mr. Q had now secretly repaired it, using our FREE good will leak detection, and was now claiming we were incompetent on the back of our free leak detection. We had fallen into another trap. He then demanded a refund on our initial successful repairs done 5 months ago, now out of guarantee, or he would place a Hello Peter complaint, which of course would be fraudulent, and extortion. We rejected his fraudulent extortionist demands on principle. He then placed the fraudulent Hello Peter complaint.

He claimed there was no leak where we pinpointed a new leak for him for FREE. Keep in mind the soil underground was saturated with water at the pinpointed spot when we spiked though the soil, and where our tracer gas exited. Mr. Q’s refund demand on our original out of guarantee repairs done 5 months ago - which we proved were still sound mind you, was the final phase of Mr. Q's defraud and extortion plan on elderly pensioners. Fortunately he withdrew the Hello Peter complaint when we originally revealed his full identity and fraud and extortion attempt in this name and shame report.

Attorney Ahmed Peer and his father and mother of Unit 2 Osborn Place Complex Houghton, Cnr Osborn Rd and 10 Ave.

Ahmed Peer together with other family members orchestrated one of the more unusual and carefully planned opportunistic plans to dupe Pool Diagnostics.

Unfortunately since this report was picked up by social media, the brisk business we did with this particular cultural community, that the Peer family belong to, has completely ceased. Please note we don't use one bad experience with one family to base our views on an entire community. Members of this community are still welcome to use our service, which we value.     

This scam was skillfully carried out by a legal family in order to secure free leak detection and repairs without paying tiny micro businesses such as Pool Diagnostics, who scammers target.

Scammers know they wont get found out as micro businesses usually don't have a leg to stand on  - until now.

Most don't go to the following extraordinary lengths to illegally attempt to secure free leak detection and repairs.

Most scammers attempt to explain to us how their pool is still leaking, and therefore wont pay the balance of their deposit. 

The pool still leaking story is why we are the only pool company brave enough to offer a package which includes both electronic pool leak detection plus repairs at a fixed total price.

When customers claim their pools are still leaking after 3 unsuccessful visits to find further leaks, we simply allocate an employee to sit next to the pool for an entire day carrying out hour by hour pool water leak logging.

This process then proves 100% whether pool is leaking or not. If pool is no longer leaking, we then decide the appropriate way forward legally.

We guess being a legal family, the unusual plan detailed below, was structured from a legal angle in order to avoid major pool renovation costs, by using a micro business, such as ours, in order to secure free pool leak detection and repairs, without any risk of recourse from a larger business.

This scam generated the most links in social media ever to this web page.

For example their friends, Dr Ahmed Surtee for one, find the facts below hard to believe as he prays with Ahmed and his father. You can make your own mind using the facts and evidence below.

Ahmed initially appeared to be a nice gentleman who needed help urgently.

So we agreed to make an exception and travel to a far out area that we don't service (at no extra cost) in order to sort out his pool to avoid major renovations - at our standard R2200.00 price.

Ahmed sounded so genuine, we let our guard down and didn't enforce the required deposit.

Amhed responded to our total price of R2200.00 for leak detection plus 5 repairs special offer.

He asked us to come around and sort the leaks out after agreeing to the R2200.00 price.

We arrived, and detected all leaks. 

There was another contractor who let us in (busy with a high end home renovation) and hovered around watching exactly where we pinpointed the pool leaks. We didn't mind explaining to this contractor the process we would use to repair these leaks as Ahmed had agreed to our R2200.00 leak detection and repair charge package.

After detecting and repairing all the pipe leaks, and with just one leak still to be repaired in the weir (which the hovering contractor now knew exactly how to repair), the contractor disappeared and Ahmed's mother, in traditional religious dress that covers most of the body,  appeared and asked us if we had spoken to Ahmed's father about a quote.

We told her Ahmed had agreed to our standard R2200.00 price so there was obviously no reason to come out and quote R2200.00 at the home. Didn't make sense.

She informed us the home is owned by a company and a quote was needed.

We asked why we had to come all that distance to find pool leaks and give a quote, when we could simply email the standard R2200.00 quote. 

Other contractors were busy with a high end home renovation. There were high end granite tiles around the pool as well.

So our observation was that these people might be property speculators, who saved a fortune on the resale price due to avoiding major pool renovations, plus, not having to replace very expensive granite tiles around the pool.

After we had detected all the leaks and repaired all but one, which could now be repaired by anyone, Ahmed's mother asked us to call the father.

The father became aggressive and informed us he wanted a quote first and he would consider it.

We may have been duped into doing free repairs, but our R900.00 electronic leak detection consultation is NOT free.

Ahmed's parents appear to be behind this opportunist endeavor, with Ahmed as the willing front man.

As elderly pensioners we can only manage one job per day as we cant estimate the time taken to complete pool leak repairs. We had to leave the property empty handed (not even a petrol donation or a thank you for coming out) after a days wasted work in an area we don't service.

The vast majority of pool companies would have charged 3 to 4 times our price to replace pipes and weir etc.

This family obviously intended securing valuable money saving services, without paying - from the start.  

Life is about forgiveness. Although every person who has problems resisting temptation, and the resultant transgressions, they must be forgiven for struggling to distinguish right from wrong. However, all contractors please take caution when dealing with this family.

Please place a link to this web page on social media sites as well.

We decided not hand this non-payment over to Marisit, our Credit Bureau, for a listing, or the Police, as extensive reputational damage has occurred to the family and their legal business.