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Don't call our pool pump repair service before trying these easy DIY trade secrets.

We use these simple DIY trade secrets, illustrated in the picture below, to get our customer's weak pool cleaners, caused by a weak or dead pool pump, working again.

These simple pre-checks can save your pool pump and help you avoid shopping around for expensive repair call-outs and new pool pump prices.

Be aware that regardless of what expensive suction pipe replacement advice you are given, the truth is that only 10% of the time is your problem underground.

Therefore only 10% of the time will you need our far cheaper underground no find no pay pinpoint electronic suction pipe air fault detection and repair service

If your regular pool company that you trust genuinely cant find the reason why your automatic pool cleaner wont work for long periods, then your last resort is to call us to detect the problem underground.

Don't lose faith if you think your smelling, noisy, dead or malfunctioning pump and motor needs to be replaced. 

Lose faith and a replacement is what you usually get.

Faulty pool pump capacitor and blockage test

Does your pool pump just buzz and wont start?

To test if your pump motor simply needs a new low cost starter capacitor, or if there is a blockage in your pump, carry out the easy test explained in the next paragraph and illustrated in the above picture.

If your pump doesn't buzz and is completely quiet, use a 220 volt test lamp to check if power is arriving at the pump wires that connect into the electric motor.

Remove the cover at the top of the pump electric motor to do this. There are only 3 wires - live, neutral and earth.

You need to locate the live and neural wires to test for 220 volts using the test lamp. The earth wire is normally green. Test the other two for 220 volts. 

Your timer could be the problem, or your wires have come loose where they connect to the electric motor. If the wires are loose, tighten them up using a 8mm or 10mm spanner and see if that solves your problem.  

How to test if your pool pump motor starting capacitor is your problem 

Place a medium size screwdriver in the small hole at the back of the pump electric motor, as illustrated in the above picture. With the pump turned off, engage the screwdriver in the motor shaft's slot.

Once you feel you have engaged the slot in the shaft using your screwdriver, try and and turn the shaft. If the shaft turns freely there is a very good chance your pump can be saved by carrying out the following procedure.

Switch on the pump and give the shaft a quick turn clockwise using your screwdriver. If your pump starts and runs fine, shop around for a capacitor replacement, or replace it yourself.

The capacitor is located under the screw off cover where the electrical wires enter your pump motor, as illustrated in the above picture. It is a white cylindrical object. Remove the two wires and connect the new wires. It doesn't matter which way around you connect the wires.

Make sure the mf rating printed on the capacitor is the same.

Don't run the pump motor for extended periods until you replace the capacitor. Some capacitors are involved in the running of the pump. 

If the shaft wont turn at all, there is a 99% chance your motor bearings are seized. You then need to shop around for a price on a service exchange or new unit.

How to test if a blockage in your pool pump is your noisy or buzzing problem

If can turn the motor shaft, but you find it is stiff, turn the shaft backwards and forwards counter clockwise and clockwise simultaneously for a while. If something is jamming your impeller, this movement can release the object. If the shaft suddenly turns freely, the blockage has been released. Now try start you pump.

If you have a blockage in your pump suction line underground, you'll hear a distinct "revving" up and down of your pump.

If your pump runs for a while then switches off, you either have a blockage, or your electric motor bearings are worn out and seizing up.

How to test to determine if you need a pool pump service kit

If your pump runs, and is not noisy, but your pool cleaner wont move around, you might simply need a R900.00 pool pump overhaul kit to solve your problem.

But first place your back wash handle at the Bypass/Circulate position, as discussed below on how to determine if your sand filter is the problem.

If you pump needs a service kit, we'll strip your pump on-site and install it for R900.00 which includes call-out. This price includes electronic suction leak detection underground if required.

This offer does not apply if your electric motor bearings are noisy or seized or your copper windings have burned out.

If your bearings or windings have failed, we'll quote you to supply and fit a service exchange reconditioned pool pump or a new unit.

If your repairs are successful, but the parts we fit fail within 3 months, we'll repair it again at no charge, or, give you the option of deducting your full R900.00 repair cost from the price of a new pool pump. This offer only covers the failure of parts we fit.

How to determine if you pool pump problems are simply sand filter related

If your pump and pool cleaner run perfectly with your sand filter back wash handle set at the Bypass/Circulates position, your problem is probably the sand filter.

The Bypass/Circulation mode removes the sand filter from the pumping system by bypassing it in order to determine if your sand filter is the problem.

However, your pool must be 100% free of silt and leaves when performing this test. If not, then hang your pool cleaner over the side of your pool into the water without touching the pool floor.

If your pool cleaner works while hanging over the wall into the water, your sand filter is usually the problem.

Hanging your pool cleaner over the wall is not an ideal test. You need to get your pool 100% clear of leaves, silt and debris to perform the bypass position test. 

Also see our web page on why pool filter sand never needs changing and how to make filter sand last forever

For the Edenvale area call Martin 011 609 3033 Cell 079 192 7714. For Johannesburg Northern Suburbs call Gus 082 514 5616 for Randburg, Sandton, Bryanston, Fourways, Roodepoort to determine, with no obligations, on the phone whether all you need is a low cost pool pump repair, or if you need a replacement.