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Why lightning and power cut surges could be the reason you are shopping around for new pool pump prices.  

Before we go into how electrical surges may be the reason you're shopping around for pool pump prices, be aware that the cause of your damaged pool pump may be due to other issues such as suction leaks above or underground.

For example if your pump motor is still running but your pump is not priming, you are shopping around for pool pump prices unnecessarily.

To repair instead of replace your pump to save thousands, see our web page on Simple 5 Minute DIY Pool Pump Repair Trade Secrets.

If you pump is not priming, one or both of the following two reasons could be your problem:

  1. Call us to determine on the phone if you need to use our electronic pool suction leak detection service in order to pinpoint your pump suction leak above or below ground, as demonstrated in the picture below.
  2. You might simply need a R900.00 pump overhaul kit. See our web page on Simple 5 Minute DIY Pool Pump Repair Trade Secrets.

Tracing Pool Pump Suction Pipe Leaks Electronically

Common pool pump problems you can avoid to save your pump

If your capacitor, which starts your motor turning, is faulty due to ever increasing Eskom power cut on-off surges, and power spikes caused by trees brushing power lines, the increased electrical amperage overload caused by your pumps failure to start, will burn out your pool pump if you don't notice this happening.

A humming sound means your pump cannot  start start due to a fault which could be due to Eskom power cut surge damage to your pump's capacitor. Switch your pump off immediately to prevent major damage . 

Why however are 20 year old pool pumps still running and why are these older pumps not being affected by power cuts, while recently fitted units, of the same brand, last only a few months. 

A genuine 2 year On-site Maximum 48 Hour Turnaround Guarantee, that wont take advantage of you by interpreting small print to suit the manufacturer.

Check whether your new pool pump has an on-site guarantee as opposed to a carry-in guarantee. Carry-in guarantees require that you, or your pool technician, remove your pool pump and deliver it to the supplier for warranty repairs. This can take up to six weeks. 

Most pool pumps are carry-in guarantees. Also avoid guarantees that claim to be on-site guarantees, but are only on-site for a few months, then revert to carry-in for the remainder of the guarantee.  

Reconditioned Pool Pump Prices

If you prefer our reconditioned .75kw and 1.1kw service exchange pool pump and motor combinations, our prices are R1580.00 Inc to supply and fit, with no hidden costs. And we wont carry out any additional repairs without your authorization.  

This price includes callout and all fittings. Better still, your reconditioned pool pump and motor come with a 6 month on-site guarantee, which puts most new pool pumps to shame.

Why are we are able to offer on-site guarantees on reconditioned pumps twice as long as out opposition?

Firstly, we have electronic equipment to determine if your pool has hidden faults that can cause pool pump problems.

Secondly, we choose not to take the usual reconditioning route of neglecting to replace bearings and other parts that appear to show no wear.

Parts on pool pumps only last so long. Parts that have not been replaced can cause your pump motor to fail in under 18 months.  Therefore we choose the higher quality route and replace every working part plus all seals, except the stator copper windings.

New Pool Pump Prices

Prices for a new high quality .75kw and 1.1kw Quality brand of pool pump supplied and fitted is R3500.00 Inc and R3700.00 Inc respectively. 

Pool Pumps To Avoid

Poor quality imported pool pumps, available through hardware outlets, with worthless carry-in guarantees, and a 6 week wait on warranty repairs, are now a major cause of early pump motor failure as well. 

Pool pumps available on "special" at hardware outlets, are some of the units that pool contractors avoid due to problems. Some of these brands only last a few months.

Pump impellers with plastic threads, instead of using brass inserts, are just one of the problems. We spend a lot of our time upgrading these pumps, while still under worthless guarantees.  

Pool Pumps That Fail Due To Intermittent Suction Problems 

If we cant repair your existing pool pump and motor, and you need to replace it with one of our new or reconditioned units, but we suspect your pump failed due to intermittent or permanent suction problems, we include vitally important on-site electronic diagnostics of underground suction pipe air leaks, worth R1000.00.

A large proportion of the pool pumps we've diagnosed have failed prematurely due to hard to notice suction problems.  

Suction problems can also be caused by restrictions in your suction pipe between your weir and pump, suction pipe wear and tear, and poor pool pump installations.

For pool pump prices and repairs in Edenvale call Martin 011 609 3033 or Cell 079 192 7714. For Johannesburg Northern call Gus 082 5145 616 for Randburg, Sandton, Bryanston, Fourways, Roodepoort.