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Fibreglass Pool Leak Detection 

Call our electronic pool leak detection and repair service now for a friendly chat...or... 


...if you're a pensioner, try some of our useful DIY pool leak detection and repair trade secrets below.


Please pensioners be careful of opportunist "free pool leak detection and repair quotes". Free leak detection and quotes (which we don't offer) are only free if you accept the written quote.


And claims that a pool with more than one leak, which 70% of leaking pools have, can always be detected in just one call-out quote - is not true.


Most pool owners only realize their pool is leaking pool once the second leak starts.


Obviously pool renovation companies have asked us to remove the secrets and tips below.


We realize their concern as we too wouldn't help people find pool leaks if we renovated pools. We locate and repair leaks to avoid unnecessary pool renovations.


The following inappropriate Hello Peter business assessment comment about us was posted due to one of many unfounded claims that there must be a catch to our suspiciously low prices.


These pool owners had received far higher quotes than ours.


We don't do pool renovations as they are a conflict of interest to our philosophy of helping cash strapped pool owners avoid unnecessary renovations.


We don't use the opportunist pool leak detection marketing trick to gain access to your pool, then convince you expensive unnecessary pool renovations and pipe replacements are your only solution.


Tip: If you hire a "leak detector" make certain they actually have pressure testing equipment with gauges to show you whether your pipes are leaking or not. 


To pinpoint leaks in fiberglass lined pools, an electronic scanner such as our LeakTrac 2400, pictured above, is vitally important.


The LeakTrac also determines how worn your fibreglass liner is from pool cleaner abrasion, and whether you can avoid replacing your liner.


Worn fiberglass liners with hidden structural damage under your liner will spring new leaks as fast as you repair present ones. 


A genuine leak detector needs electronic gas sniffers to sniff the tracer gas where it exits your paving or ground in order to pinpoint your pipe water leak. 


Your broken pipe sometimes can be caused by a stone rubbing on the pipe due to pipe movement. 


Pool pipes move due to soil movement caused by wet to dry transition periods with most of the stress placed on one connector due to the physics of your particular pipe layout arrangement underground.    


We regularly find leaking pipes where the owner was mistakenly advised the pipes were fine and they needed a surface renovation to solve leaks.


We'll find all your leaks. After 45 years we have pool leak detection of underground pipes, marbelite, fibreglass and structural problems down to an exact science.


The only customers who claim we didn't find all their leaks can be found on our "Attempted fraudster name and shame" webpage. As you'll see, the page is very popular on social media.


The web page details how we conclusively prove that fraudsters neglect to tell the truth about whether our leak repairs have failed or not.


Or they simply try their luck at manipulating what our offers actually offer.


Our associate swimming pool forensics engineers, for example Jack Beneke, have exposed many "pool renovations contractors" on SABC TV show Fair Deal, who made the pool leak repair mistakes mentioned below.


Jack did a call-in pool problem solving show on 702 Radio as well.


Jack consults the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) on swimming pool building and renovating best practices codes. 


To hire Jack in areas we don't service see our web page titled Why Marbelite and Fibreglass Pool Renovations Fail and Leak.


Here are some of these engineer's money saving tips you can use in order to avoid hiring the wrong pool renovations company to solve pool leak problems.


The most common mistake is resurfacing a leaking swimming pool using marbelite when the pool has developed hard to detect structural problems in the upper mosiac tile area.


Structural and civil engineers have the following saying: There are two types of concrete. Concrete that has cracked, and concrete that is going to crack and leak.


Hard to notice upper structural crack problems is one of our most common leak detection call-outs.


Upper structural problems require pool renovators to use fiberglass to resurface your pool instead of marbelite. This is a vitally important best practices alternative as explained below.


Upper structural problems can be caused by slow leaks initiated by ground movement and lack of expansion gaps behind coping tiles.


We are talking about hard to detect horizontal concrete screed separations in the upper mosaic area.


This will cause your marbelite or mosaics to separate over time and start leaking progressively faster in the mosaic area.


You will then be forced to call in another (more knowledgeable) pool renovations expert to resurface your pool. This time renovators will need to use fiberglass (applying best practices and products) in order to absorb the movement of your faulty concrete.


If you purchased a home with pool leaks not mentioned by seller, make certain to hire a home inspection company to check your entire home.


Our sister company's website for home buyers on How Sellers Of Faulty Homes Use Loopholes In Consumer Law is  good place to start.


For obvious reasons we don't offer free or cheap pinpoint pool leak detection/repair call-out quotes. We'd go out of business very quickly. 


Our electronic pool leak detection consultaton is R900.00. Our 3 pool leak repairs option is R1300.00. Total R2200.00.


Here's a "leaking weir" tip. 


Many pool owners mistaking replace their weirs as they believe the Quality brand of weir is leaking through cracks on the inside, on opposite sides.


These are simply plastic extrusion flaws that appear broken, which pool owners mistake for leaks.


We can repair 90% of cracked plastic weirs using fibreglass cloth and resin for a stronger than original repair.    


Please note we only carry out temporary repairs to long, leaking, horizontal and vertical cracks, for no charge, with no guarantee. However these cracks must be accessible without draining your pool.


If you are a pensioner we'll show you how to repair these cracks in the future yourself in case they start leaking again. You then simply pay our R900.00 total pool assessment consultation. 


Even if 3 call-outs are required to find and repair all your permanently "repairable" leaks, your total price remains R2200.00.


That's why pool and home inspection companies use us to settle disputes.


Before you attempt our DIY leak detection tips, its useful to first understand why swimming pool leaks cause permanent structural damage.


Steel rebar, which reinforces swimming pool concrete, rusts and weakens the concrete due to water ingress.


The rusting rebar swells inside the concrete causing vertical or horizontal pressure cracks on your pool's marbelite or fibreglass lined marbelite .


Rebar in leaking salt pools rusts significantly faster.


To counter permanent structural leak damage from wear and tear without expensive underpinning or rebuilding, pools are fibreglass lined to absorb movement of the unstable structure.


The fibreglass lining method is mostly successful if structural damage is not excessive, and if the liner is applied correctly. If not, pool will leak again.


For example long vertical cracks are bad news and sometimes pull open your new fiberglass liner.


There is a right and wrong way to apply fibreglass liners to marbelite.


We dont offer this service as well. Fibreglass pool liner delamination is very common.


Fibreglass delamination is common due to contractors cutting corners to reduce costs.


Use a contractor recommended by someone you know.


Visit a fibreglass lined pool of someone you know and tap on the fibreglass around the upper level. A hollow sound indicates delamination.


A solid sound indicates a carefully planned fibreglass liner application.


So how do we help you prevent all this swimming pool wear and tear getting worse?


A common pool leak you can find and repair yourself

Multivalve Gasket Leak

Of all the pool leaks described below, start with the rubber multivalve gasket.  A worn or faulty gasket or backwash handle can be a very fast leak. It occurs when your pump is running.

If you turn off your pump and your leak stops dead, barring about 1mm - 5mm evaporation loss per 24 hours, the problem is either the multivalve gasket, under your backwash handle pictured above, or a pipe underground that only leaks with your pump running.

If your leak slows down, but doesn't stop, with your pump off, the leak is in your pipes or weir, as leaking pipes and weirs can still leak with your pump off. 

You can find a multivalve gasket leak simply by observing if water is leaking from the end of your backwash pipe, that normally feeds into the street.

If you notice your backwash pipe leaking, you don't need leak detection as you have found your leak.

If your backwash pipe is linked to your sewer system, you wont see your pool water leaking into your sewer pipe.

A leaking backwash pipe means you need a low cost replacement gasket under the handle - as demonstrated in the above picture.

You can determine if your rubber gasket is the problem by observing if any section of your gasket is completely loose, and sitting proud from the rest of it on its seat, in the form of a loop.

The gasket should be firmly glued in.

You can get the DIY parts from your local pool store.

What happens if we cant find any leaks?


  • If your pipework passes our pressure test, this proves your new leak/s are in your pool's marbelite or fibreglass structure.
  • If we then cannot locate your new leak in your marbelite or fibreglass we drain down your pool, and where it stays wet indicate leak points. We check these points for holes and fill them using the appropriate repair material.
  • We don't do repairs on new leaks out of guarantee if customers claim we failed to originally find all leaks. We recommend doing the "pool leak bucket test" which proves in 24 hours whether your pool leaks are cured.

 You might need more than 3 pool leak repairs!

If we find more than 3 leaks in your ceramic mosaics due to long term leaks (we need your pool to be full and clean as possible to find them) we recommend you hire a pool renovations company to stabilize the water damaged concrete screed in that area, then replace all the mosaics.

Obviously fibreglass lining your pool will solve your problem, but that is what we are trying to help you avoid due to high cost.

Salt chlorinated pools can have more concrete damage if cheap mosaic grouting has been used.

The idea of our unique pool leak detection and repair package is firstly to prevent  major pool renovations - if your pool is in good condition - or if you are not ready to renovate.

Secondly, we'll help you avoid the high costs of multiple call-outs hiring separate pool leak detectors and repairers to achieve this.

We're talking about proving we have found all your underground pool water supply and suction pipe leaks - by IMMEDIATELY repairing them AS we find them.

Additional pool leaks occur due to the following reasons:

  • Most pools eventually leak, many before your 5 year guarantee is up, at mosaics, weirs, aimflow outlets, lights hydrostatic valves and pipework. 
  • These components, which work loose due to poor workmanship, water flow dynamics, pool cleaner vibration and expansion contraction. 

We prevent major pool renovations professionally repairing pipe as well as resecuring and rebonding these components above.

This is achieved by cutting 5mm wide mechanical slots around the borders of these components, which are cut 20mm deep as well.

We then fill these 5mm slots with marbelite or fibreglass - NOT Pratleys putty, which is a short term solution.

A second pool pipe leak can only be found once the first is repaired 

It's important to understand that the laws of physics dictate if you have a second leak in your pipe work. Leak detection tracer gas can only exit your second smaller pipe leak, in order to trace it, once your first larger leak is detected and repaired.

Hence the multiple pool leak detection assessments PLUS 3 repairs mentioned above in order to determine if additional leaks exist.

We recommnd placing a bucket on the step of your pool (Google "pool bucket test" for examples) filled to the same level as the surrounding water.

After 24hrs if the surrounding water around the bucket is at the same level as the bucket, your pool leaks have been cured.

If the surrounding level after 24hrs around bucket is lower than the bucket, you need to call us back to investigate leaks that we missed - which covers up to 3 leaks.

Please note we cannot give you more than 2 weeks to decide if your pool is still leaking. The swimming pool bucket test takes just 24hrs to determine if your pool is leak free.

Example Of Repairs Without Leak Detection


You could have pool leaks in both your pipes and concrete

You could have the common combination of pipe leaks - in addition to concrete shell leaks, as illustrated in the picture above of an unsuccessful leak repair attempt by a pool company that had no pool leak detection equipment.

 To pinpoint pipe and pool shell leaks requires two entirely separate fields of expertise. Both require specialized electronic leak detection equipment PLUS repair skills as well. 

For example we use the Anderson LeakTrac 2400 to pinpoint and repair fibreglass lined pool shell leaks - as illustrated in the picture to your above right.

The Anderson Leak Trac works by inducing an negative electrical current into your pool's water, and a positive current into the surrounding soil. An electrical circuit can then only be made by the current finding it's way through the leak point.

This precise spot is pinpointed using a scanner to pick up the electrical interference pattern at the leak point.

We then patch the leak point using fibreglass cloth and resin, then colour match the repair with a colour gel coat top layer.

The LeakTrac is very accurate when finding a fibreglass lined pool leak.

Marbelite pools however require a different approach as explained below.

Example Of Pool Leak Repair Without Paving DamageTo your left you can view case study 1 of a cavity underground caused by a pool leak, which would have increased in size daily.

The unsupported wall would have cracked through it's entire width if left unattended.

The leak was pinpointed using electronic pool leak detection equipment - then a hardly noticeable repair immediately carried out by our own pool leak detectors as per the process described above.

The owner of this Northcliff property had received various quotes of up to R8000.00 to replace the entire pipe work.

We charged R2200.00 for a pinpoint repair, which included electronic pool leak detection and restoring the paving. The owner saved thousands in unnecessary pool renovations.

Major pool shell damage prevented

If the above customer had left her pool leak and cavity unattended without repairing, filling and compacting, water pressure on the unsupported pool shell would have caused all sorts of expensive short and long term stress damage.

Collapsed paving and growing pool shell cracks are the most common.

In case study 2 Thabo of 23 Highbury Townhouse Complex Strubens Valley Weltevreden Park was quoted R14.000.00 for a renovation to solve his pool leak.

The above leak problem was solved using the process described for R2200.00.00. He saved R12.500.00.

In case study 3 David and Sarette Arnold, owners of 7 Chapel Road Bryanston, were quoted between R28.000.00 and R45.000.00 to solve their pool leak problem.

Our pool leak detection report for this pool for pool renovating companies to solve their problem went beyond our repair scope.

We decided the low cost process described above be used to solve their mosaics pool leak problem.


The following leak repairs (90% of pools) qualify for our R2200.00 special:

  1. Pipe work above and below surface under grass and NON-CONCRETE SCREED brick paving (not under tiles).
  2. Pool shell repairs where plastic and marbilite meet e.g... weirs, lights and return aim flow outlets etc.

Please note the following pool leak repairs don't qualify:

  1. Pipe leak detection and repairs under wooden decking. 
  2. Repairs to Spa/Jacuzzi pools (We don't do any repair work on Spa/Jacuzzi pools. We can refer you a to good Spa/Jacuzzi expert for repairs or a low cost conversion to a single aimflow outlet pool) 
  3. Repairs on Rim-Flow Infinity pools. (We don't do any repair work on rim-flow pools - only leak detection/assessments and referral to relevant Rim-Flow expert for repairs. Call us first to determine if all you need is replacement non-return valves)
  4. Complex fibreglass repairs. (Pinpoint diagnostics of fibreglass liner leaks using electronic scanner. R3500.00 total price for pipe plus shell leak detection, drain pool and patch fibreglass) 
  5. Minor renovations e.g.mosaic tile regrouting or replacement, walkway ceramic tile replacing, leaks under concrete, leaks in walls and water feature rebuild and aim flow replacements. (R900.00 diagnostics consultation fee only. Renovator needed)
  6. Major pool shell renovations and long cracks to solve leak problems. (R900.00 diagnostics fee only. Renovator needed)
  7. Replacing of hydrostatic valve cartridges.
  8. No indoor and tiled pools and ponds will be undertaken at all.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please ensure your pool is filled to its normal level and is clean and clear. We need to see if and where your pool shell drawing in water by using leak detection colourants to detect the exact leak point. And if you have a fibreglass pool, we need your pool to be slightly fuller than normal in order to induce an electrical current into the water for pinpoint leak detection of holes.

Please note our pool leak detection consultation and repair package takes up to 16 hours to complete.

Therefore it hurts our business when customers take weeks and months to carry out the simple 24 hour "pool leak bucket test", which conclusively tells you in 24 hours if your pool is still leaking.

Payment defaulters will be placed on our "Payment defaulter name and shame web page" as has the most recent defaulter Ahmed Peer of Unit 2 Osborn Place Houghton. Mike Davies of Fourways Gardens also has still to pay. 

At Pool Diagnostics we only take on one leak repair per day. Therefore its devastating when up to 15 customers a month cancel their appointments within 24hrs of their scheduled appointment. Most of the time this leaves us with zero income on these days.

Unfortunately a levy of R450.00 will be added to your invoice to help us reduce our losses, if you choose to reschedule.  

Please note that return call out consultations to satisfy yourself that your pipe work is not leaking, after your pipe work has passed the pressure test, will incur extra call out costs.

After repairing leaks in your pool's plumbing system, the working pressures will increase significantly. The raised pressure can expose weak points elsewhere and cause further leaks.

We cant except responsibility for these new leaks, but will charge half price for new leaks falling within your guarantee.

For service in the following South African areas call now on 082 514 5616. Following Johannesburg Northern Suburbs: Randburg, Lower Sandton, Bryanston, Fourways, Roodepoort.

Using Tracer Gas To Pinpoint A Pool Pipe Leak

Pool leak detection and repair using hydrogen tracer gas

Acoustic Pool Leak Detector At Work

Pool leak detector above using acoustics to trace leak