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Engineers describe two types of reinforced concrete.

These are: reinforced concrete that is cracked; reinforced concrete that is going to crack.

Why are reinforced concrete swimming pools one of the weakest concrete structures causing pool renovation failures?

Swimming pool structures are weaker due to their open topped design.

These open topped swimming pool concrete structures are placed beneath ground surface.

Therefore underground forces plus surface paving tiles, are constantly placing expansion contraction stresses on this structure - without a lid or roof to counter these forces.

This is why structural cracks in swimming pools by far mostly originate at the highest level of the structure - above the water line.

Because there is no water in the pool in the upper level to counter forces of ground and paving expansion contraction.

Failed leaking pool renovations gone wrong, while still under guarantee, can easily be manipulated by pool companies, due to mostly hidden cracks in reinforced concrete under mosaic tiles.

These structural problems, that worsen over time, and break through resurfaced pools still under guarantee, are one of our most common R900.00 consultations to settle disputes. We were simply called too late instead of prior renovation.

Sadly the majority of the pool renovation companies concerned were referred by family and friends, because most "pool companies" are unaware of random cracked concrete mentioned above by engineers.

Use these simple tips to avoid calling the wrong pool renovation companies

  1. Do you have mosiac tiles that have fallen off your upper pool level.
  2. Do you have missing mosiac tile grouting between your mosiac tiles?
  3. Do you have cracks between the coping tile grouting around the upper edge perimeter of your pool?

This could indicate upper structural problems from ground movement and paving tile expansion/contraction.

And if you DONT have an expansion gap behind your coping tiles, your pool will have paving expansion contraction that marbelite and fibreglass resurfacing may not be able to absorb to prevent longer term damage and leaks.

A common cause of failed pool renovation resurfacing is using marbelite instead of fibreglass on pools with hard to notice upper structural problems in your concrete.

Endemic are cheaper resurfacing materials without stabilizers against pool chemicals. These cheaper materials eventually degrade, weaken, fade and leak. 

Whether you decide on a  marbelite renovation, or fibreless bonded onto marbelite, your pool renovator needs to first investigate whether hard to notice upper structural problems exist, in order to avoid future renovation failures.

Minor surface cracks are not a problem, but deeper cracks are.

However, most pool renovators don't  know how to differentiate between these structural problems. If they do notice them, they simply take a chance (to win a cheaper marbelite quote over fibreglass) and resurface straight over serious cracks not realizing the longer term consequences. 

More ideas to minimize your pool renovation risks

One of our retired, but part time consultant associate engineers, 81 year old Jack Beneke, has exposed many swimming pool renovations companies on SABC TV show Fair Deal. To avoid responsibility, these pool renovators blamed other factors for their renovation mistakes.

Their guarantees were therefore worthless

However, as Jack proved, they simply should not have cut corners in the pool renovations best practices process. Sometimes pool renovators get away with it with a happy customer referring friends - but the friend could suffer devastating losses.

Jack, who consults to the South African Bureau Of Standards (SABS) on writing codes for swimming pool building and renovating best practices, is available to consult on the best practices needed for your swimming pool renovations.

There is a right way and a wrong way to carry out your pool renovation - and Jack knows how.

Jack will show you the right way your pool needs to be renovated in order to achieve longevity and avoid wasting money.

Jack consults in most areas. However you can consult the Pool Diagnostics team as well in the Northern Johannesburg area for expert pool renovations advice.

Please note Jack Beneke and Pool Diagnostics do NOT renovate swimming pools.

We are impartial swimming pool consultants who advise you on the best way forward to avoid wasting significant amounts of money. We reveal what most pool renovating companies cant "see".

The Pool Diagnostics team is headed by Gus O'Connor who repaired his first pool in La Lucia Durban back in 1973.

Gus has saved thousands of swimming pool owners from being forced to "over renovate" their pools unnecessarily.

Our team is well equipped with all the latest electronic swimming pool inspection equipment. An example is electronic pool leak detection equipment. We pressure test pipework underground using tracer gas as well.

See our web page titled No Find No Pay Pool Leak Detection. Swimming pool leaks, which 50% of the time indicate upper concrete structural problems, need to be repaired before pool renovations can commence .

For a R900.00 consultation in the Johannesburg North, South, East and West areas call now on 082 514 5616.