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Electronic Pool Repair Diagnostics To Avoid Costly Renovation

You can use our electronic diagnostics explained below on how to avoid unnecessary pool repair costs and damage to your property.

Tracing Water And Pump Suction Leaks Underground ElectronicallyRepairing Pool Leak Under Paving

When you're confronted with what appears to be major costs of swimming pool repairs, simply because you have a pool leak, suction leak, pool pump or pool filter problem, there is a low cost solution.

How this low cost solution works

You can use electronic pool diagnostics to avoid major renovation of your pool's surfaces, avoiding complete pipe replacement underground, not to mention saving most other related equipment.

For example to understand how we pinpoint your pool leak electronically (which you can use to find the leak yourself) see 3 customer pool leak detection case studies detailed on our electronic pool leak detection web page.

To pinpoint your pool leak, you get access to the latest high quality pool leak detection equipment.

And it's operated by experienced pool technicians who understand swimming pool theory, and therefore the dynamics of your underground pool water and suction leaks.

We only train pool leak detectors who are experienced pool technicians, because it's important that your pool leak detector can find plus repair your water and suction leaks immediately as well as viewed in the pictures above.

If we feel your pool pump doesn't need replacement, which happens 50% of the time, you'll get a quality guaranteed repair the old school way, instead of replacement. See low cost pool pump repair prices web page.

When your pool filter starts pushing filter sand into your pool, don't just accept the usual replacement recommendation. Instead you can get pool filter repairs the old school way as well.

We carry pool filter spares for current and old pool filters no longer in production.

Better still, many pool repairs are pool filter sand related. See our web page on why your swimming pool filter sand never needs changing.

The following diagnostics experts will solve your swimming pool repairs problem in these South African areas: Gus O'Connor services the following Johannesburg Northern Suburbs: Randburg,  Lower Sandton, Bryanston, Fourways, Roodepoort on Toll-Free 0800 007 265 Cell 082 514 5616.  

R2200.00 Includes Electronic Leak Detection And 5 Repairs

Save thousands by using pool leak detection and suction problem experts who pinpoint PLUS repair your pool leak to avoid repeatedly hiring separate leak detectors and repairers!

From R450.00 For Pool Pump Repairs

Most pool pump owners think a smelling, noisy or malfunctioning pool pump needs to be replaced. So a new pool pump replacement is what you usually get. 50% of the time this is not necessary. You might simply need a service kit to solve your problem.

Fibreglass vs Plastic Pool Filters

Why do we only supply and install fibreglass pool filters in Johannesburg with a 5 year on-site guarantee, for the same price as our opposition's 2 year guarantee plastic pool filters?

The Importance Of On-Site Equipment Guarantees

What's the difference between an on-site guarantee from a pool company, and for example a carry-in guarantee?

Large Frame Pool Pump vs Small Frame

Prices Of Pool Pumps Resistant To Lightning & Eskom Surges

How Eskom power cut surges damage your pool pump causing increased pool pump prices, repairs and insurance claims.